More Than 350,000 School Children Currently Have No Access To Education”, According To A Recent UNICEF Report

Alarms go off, and families seek shelter. Men pick up guns in order to protect their nation and the people they care about. As Russia continues to attack Ukraine, millions of people across the world have seen distressing photographs and videos recording these tragedies.

According to a recent UNICEF report, more than 350,000 schoolchildren have been denied access to education as a result of the invasion. The study, which seeks more than $66 million in donations to help Ukrainians and provide basic services, emphasizes how education has been harmed by the ongoing violence.

Six educational buildings in the nation have been destroyed, according to the report, and schools in “non-government-controlled areas” have been closed since early last week. Because to “insecurity in areas along the line of contact,” 33 schools with around 5,5000 pupils were closed for in-person instruction, according to the Ministry of Education.

“The direct and indirect effect of the protracted conflict in eastern Ukraine continues to significantly impact the lives of children and young people,” the organization continues, “leaving families on both sides of the contact line in urgent need of sustained humanitarian assistance.”

On Saturday, aid groups gathered at the Medyka border crossing in Poland to assist Ukrainians escape the nation. UNICEF’s head of communications said the organization is working across eastern Ukraine to give help like as safe drinking water and essential education kits as close to “communities near the line of contact” as feasible.




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