• Seeking Justice: Teacher Shot by Student Plans to Sue Newport News Public Schools

    Abby Zwerner, a teacher who was shot by a 6-year-old student at Richneck Elementary, will file a lawsuit against Newport News Public Schools, according to her attorney, Diane Toscano.

  • Navigating Mathematical Struggles: Tips On How To Assist Children With Dyscalculia

    The ongoing struggles associated with dyscalculia cannot be attributed solely to a lack of overall aptitude or any underlying developmental disorders. Dyscalculic people often struggle with other learning disabilities as well, including dyslexia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Providing children with mathematical learning difficulties with the right resources and strategies can help them overcome their challenges and excel in math. Children with dyscalculia can be helped in the following ways.

  • Teachers that use strict tones have been proven to be less effective at inspiring students in the classroom, study finds

    It was discovered that when faced with a strict teacher, students were more likely to rebel, their well-being was affected, and they were less likely to reveal any problems they may be facing, such as bullying. The study, conducted by researchers at The University of Essex and the University of Reading, found that students felt unable to express themselves when confronted with a harsher, more controlling tone. On the other hand, a supportive-sounding voice inspired a connection to a teacher, which in turn increased their intention to cooperate. The results of this study have the potential to greatly impact teacher training and improve overall classroom success.