Thailand: Activists Rally to End Cruel Punishment Haircuts Inflicted on Helpless Students

Activists in Thailand are calling for more definitive guidelines and stricter enforcement measures to eradicate the practice of humiliating punishment haircuts in schools. The outcry follows an incident in which a teacher was accused of cutting the hair of over 100 students while they sat on the floor in rows. For decades, students in Thailand have been subjected to strict regulations concerning the length and style of their hair. However, in response to mounting protests by young people, the Ministry of Education recently abolished these regulations and suggested that individual schools establish their own policies.

Discrimination and External Obligations Hinder Black Students from Achieving College Degrees, Alarming Study Uncovers

A recent study by Gallup and the Lumina Foundation revealed that black students have lower six-year completion rates for degree or certificate programs compared to other racial or ethnic groups. The study, released on Thursday, highlights that black students face several obstacles in completing post-secondary programs, including high expenses and racial discrimination. The research found that black students in the least diverse programs are more likely to feel discriminated against or experience physical or psychological harm. It further showed that 21% of currently enrolled black students in all post-secondary institutions reported feeling discriminated against “frequently” or “occasionally.”

The Hunger Crisis in England’s Nurseries: Childcare Providers Cry Out for Urgent Financial Aid from the GOVERNMENT

A recent survey of over 500 childcare providers in the UK reveals that many are struggling to provide nutritious meals for children due to rising food costs. According to data shared with The Guardian by the Early Years Alliance and the London Early Years Foundation, nearly 1 in 10 childcare providers had turned to food charities for assistance, and nearly 62 percent had to use cheaper ingredients in their meals.

Navigating Mathematical Struggles: Tips On How To Assist Children With Dyscalculia

The ongoing struggles associated with dyscalculia cannot be attributed solely to a lack of overall aptitude or any underlying developmental disorders. Dyscalculic people often struggle with other learning disabilities as well, including dyslexia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Providing children with mathematical learning difficulties with the right resources and strategies can help them overcome their challenges and excel in math. Children with dyscalculia can be helped in the following ways.

Teachers that use strict tones have been proven to be less effective at inspiring students in the classroom, study finds

It was discovered that when faced with a strict teacher, students were more likely to rebel, their well-being was affected, and they were less likely to reveal any problems they may be facing, such as bullying. The study, conducted by researchers at The University of Essex and the University of Reading, found that students felt unable to express themselves when confronted with a harsher, more controlling tone. On the other hand, a supportive-sounding voice inspired a connection to a teacher, which in turn increased their intention to cooperate. The results of this study have the potential to greatly impact teacher…

Portugal: Teachers Have Begun A National Indefinite Strike

The teachers want many changes, such as a more open process for hiring, better working conditions, and more pay. Teachers in Portugal have lost 20% of their buying power since 2009, according to the union that is behind the strike.

Saudi Arabia Embraces The Belt And Road Initiative, Opening The Door To Chinese Textbooks And Curriculum Exchange

The Ministry of Education of Saudi Arabia has accepted the first set of foreign textbooks, a set of Chinese language textbooks made by a firm in Yinchuan, Ningxia Hui autonomous region. Saudi Arabia has included the teaching of Mandarin into its education system, established Mandarin-related majors at nine colleges, and educated more than 300 local Chinese-language instructors.

Hungary: Students Join Teachers In Protest Over Low Pay

The students were showing their support for the teachers, who had been fired for revolting over their poor salary and years of neglect by the government. Teachers in Hungary are paid the least in the European Union, with even cashiers earning more.

Uvalde Shooting Victims Seek $27 Billion, Lawsuit

Court records reveal that victims of the Uvalde school shooting, which left 21 people dead, have filed a lawsuit against local and state police, the city, and other school and law enforcement authorities demanding $27 billion due to delays in confronting the attacker.

Worry Grows Across Europe Over Teacher Shortages

There are now 4,000 vacant teaching positions in France, and national predictions estimate that number will climb to 25,000 in Germany by 2025 and 30,000 in Portugal by 2030.

Child Development: Parents And Teachers Prioritize Helping Your Children Develop A Strong Core And Upper-Body Strength

Commonly, one may conclude that improving the kid’s fine motor skills is crucial. But before that can happen, kids need to build up their abdominal and upper-body strength. Teaching children the correct technique to hold a pencil and having them practice is not enough; they need to begin building the major muscles needed to do so as early as possible.

The Right Hemisphere Of The Brain Develops First, And Serve As The Basis For Intellectual Development Through “Play”

Literacy and numeracy instruction given to youngsters less than seven years old may actually be detrimental to the children’s still-evolving brains. Children might develop what is known as “learned stupidity” if they are unable to utilize their academic brains in the ways that are being requested of them. They come to the conclusion that they are unable to learn, which causes them to abandon their natural drive to do so.

Why Your Children Should Play In The Mud—Despite the Mess!

Playing in the mud is not only a fun way for children to create priceless childhood memories, but it is also an excellent method for kids to learn new things, unwind, and express their imaginative sides. According to findings from studies conducted in the medical field, it may also be beneficial for the physical and mental health of your kid.

Hungary: Teachers Go On Strike Again, Low Salary And Inflation Continues

On Friday, Hungarian teachers, students, and parents intensified their demonstration, demanding greater pay and education reforms, by building a human chain that was 10 kilometers (six miles) long in the center of Budapest. Additionally, smaller protests were conducted around the nation.

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