Insect Lore – Butterfly Growing Kit with Voucher

Dive into the captivating world of butterflies with the Insect Lore Butterfly Growing Kit, designed to offer children aged 4 and above a firsthand experience of the butterfly life cycle. The kit, recognized with Newsweek’s prestigious “Best in STEM 2021” award, provides everything you need, including a reusable mesh habitat, feeding dropper, and a voucher to redeem 5 baby caterpillars. Developed to foster STEM learning and spark curiosity about the natural world, the kit serves as a phenomenal educational tool, encouraging children to step away from screens and explore the beauty and science of nature. This adventure, which spans approximately three weeks, allows children and families to witness the fascinating stages of metamorphosis, from the caterpillar phase through to the emergence of Painted Lady butterflies. Carefully authenticated by, it stands as a trustworthy aid in nurturing young scientific minds, making learning both fun and educational while promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation of one of nature’s most splendid processes.

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Witness the magical transformation of caterpillars into butterflies with the Insect Lore Butterfly Growing Kit. Suitable for children aged 4 and up, this educational kit offers a hands-on STEM learning experience, encouraging curiosity and understanding of the natural world.


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