Canadian Celebrities Are Making Appearances In Online Classrooms

As Canada is within the midst of an Omicron wave, well-known faces are helping out by brightening up online classrooms.

On January 5, Gerry Dee – the comedic star of Mr. D and the host of Family Feud Canada – posted a call out to his Twitter.

He invited teachers to DM him a remote class link and he promised to jump on to give the teachers a break.

“Thanks to all the teachers and students who let me visit their online classes,” he wrote in a follow-up. “It was such a pleasure to meet as many of you as I did.”

Then, inspired by Gerry Dee, Hal Johnson – from Body Break – tweeted out a similarly, looking to surprise both teachers and students.

Educators who wish to get a Body Break for their online lessons can DM the Canadian star.

Elder Millennials would possibly recall the 90-second lengthy BodyBreak segments that includes Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod that used to play on Canadian tv in the 90s’.

The Body Break tweet has gotten viral with teachers eager to invite the stars to their classes.

For educators, a Body Break may be nostalgia overload, whilst youngsters can have an enjoyable moment and stories to tell their parents.





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