The 6 Best Apps For Teachers To Use In The Classroom | 2022

Teachers can use technology in their classroom to enhance the learning experience. Here are the 6 best apps for teachers.

1. ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a simple communication app for students, teachers, and parents. One can recreate a classroom experience through the app. Children get more activities in their digital portfolios.

Teachers encourage parents’ engagement through announcements & videos. Parents can track the child’s progress and talk with teachers whenever they wish to. Educators can now access their much-needed tools like Group Maker and Noise Meter from a single place.

App Features:

  • Encourage students to do activities.
  • Free app without ads.
  • Safe & handy communication platform.
  • Attractive & easy UI.
  • Boost a positive classroom culture.

2. Google Classroom

If you want to start using Google Classroom, it’s recommended that your school has an account with Google Workspace for Education. Once that’s settled, you can start adding students to your Google Classroom with their Gmail addresses.

After creating a class, you can add specific assignments, questions, materials, and topics to it. All this content appears in a stream that your students can easily access. Google Classroom also integrates with Google Drive, so you can upload assignments, grades, and photos to the class folder.

App Features:

  • Start a video meeting.
  • Create and manage classes, assignments, and grades online without paper.
  • Add materials to your assignments, such as YouTube videos, a Google Forms survey, and other items from Google Drive.
  • Give direct, real-time feedback.
  • Use the class stream to post announcements and engage students in question-driven discussions.
  • Invite parents and guardians to sign up for email summaries with a student’s upcoming or missing work.
  • Protect data and set permissions for your users.
  • Add or remove students and teachers from classes.
  • Set up classes and rosters.

3. Edmodo

Edmodo is a convenient app to have multiple communications. Teachers can speak with their students, parents & other fellow teachers.

Edmodo comprises quality tools for teachers to create exciting study materials, make parents updated about a child’s progress, thus making an interactive classroom ambiance. You can also discover useful content & reach out to students, individually.

App Features:

  • One place for effective classroom activities.
  • Direct messages to students & parents.
  • Automatically updated planner.
  • Dozens of educational resources.
  • Check in individually or facilitate classroom discussions.

4. Seesaw

Seesaw is an ideal app for teachers by allowing them to save time whilst focusing on the curriculum. It’s no surprise why it’s being used in 1 out of 2 schools in the US.

Teachers and educators can translate notes to 50+ languages & integrate with 100s of other apps. Teachers get a chance to assess each student in a more organized way than physical classrooms through seesaw.

App Features:

  • Always free for teachers.
  • Creative tools for engaging students.
  • Real-time digital responses from students.
  • Student-driven portfolio.
  • Differentiated support through comments and feedback.

5. Planboard

Looking for an easier way to plan lessons? Check out Planboard, the lesson planning app you can use on-the-go. Keep track of your class schedule by adding classes to your calendar, and set curriculum standards for each of your classes. If you want to save time and effort, you can search Planboard’s library of official standards instead.

The app also lets you upload files and photos to your lesson plans, as well as share those plans. Planboard syncs all your data to the web, so you can view your plans from your computer.

App Features:

  • Track classroom schedules, lessons, and standards while easily embedding PDFs, links, and videos.
  • Simplifies lesson planning with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

6. Kahoot

Kahoot is a known app for interactive learning. Kahoot contains thousands of engaging quizzes for teachers, students, and all other learners. Users can create their quizzes and learn new things. Teachers can pick out from millions of quiz-based games (kahoots) on any topic. Students can join kahoots live by their favorite teachers. Teachers can make or edit kahoots in minutes and blend various question types to improve engagement.

App Features:

  • Plan student-paced challenges.
  • Challenge friends with kahoots.
  • Progress reports of students.
  • Highly intuitive UI.
  • Available in multiple languages.
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