Librarian Transforms 110-Year-Old Tree into Charming Little Free Library

A librarian and artist, Sharalee Armitage Howard, in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, charmed the Internet with her repurposing of an old tree.

Sharalee Armitage Howard had a 100-year-old cottonwood tree rotting outside of her home. The tree was becoming dangerous but rather than cut it down completely she decided to make it into something the whole neighborhood could enjoy. She then registered it into the Little Free Library organization, the world’s largest book-sharing, nonprofit movement that aims to encourage exchanging and sharing of books.

“We had to remove a huge tree that was over 110 years old, so I decided to turn it into a little free library (which I’ve always wanted),” Sharalee wrote on her Facebook page. “Here it is (minus some cleanup, vegetation, and trim work)!”

This stunning tree stump library features a sloped roof, a large green door, stone steps, and warm interior lights. Additionally, wooden miniature books adorn the top of the doorway. These decors represent some of the greatest classics such as Nancy Drew, Call of the Wind, The Hobbit, and more. When Howard shared photos of her tree stump library on Facebook, it received overwhelming approval from the people. Her clever utilization of space and her advocacy for book-sharing have inspired other people to do the same.

Visitors are very much welcome to go visit this charming tree stump library in Coeur d’Alene. 

Photos of the Tree Library can be found below:

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