Math Teacher From Malaysia Gets A Brand New Car As Retirement Gift From Former Students

Ahmad Bidin with his brand new car that he received from students in his 1980’s till the 2021 batch. — Picture via Twitter/Twt_Bajet

A retired teacher from Seremban’s Tunku Kurshiah College (TKC) was speechless after receiving a brand new car from his students upon his retirement.

Hailing from Seremban, the 58-year-old Ahmad Bidin who taught Additional Mathematics told Malay Mail that the Perodua Aruz he received was a gift that was beyond his imagination.

“Towards the end of my retirement party last Sunday, a video was played showing the interior design of my current car, Perodua Alza.

“Then the video changed showing the interior design of another car and it didn’t hit me that my students were hinting that the gift would be a new car.

“And while I was being ushered out of the hall, the Perodua Aruz was right in front of my eyes with a customised number plate ‘AMD 8521’.

“The number plate indicates my name and the years I’ve dedicated to TKC — from 1985 right up to this year.”

Ahmad, who has been teaching in TKC for the past 35 years said that the car was a lump sum gift from students in the 1980’s till the 2021 batch.

“Many of my students who were in the 1980’s batch have children who are still studying in TKC.

“I’m thankful and I still can’t wrap my head around this magnificent gift.

“To my students, thank you so much.”

Asked about his post-retirement plans, Ahmad Bidin said he wants to spend more time with his family.

“I’ve spent more time on my job as a teacher and now I want to be with my family as much as possible,” he said.

Many took to Twitter to thank the teacher for making Mathematics a subject easy to learn, and for not giving up on his students.




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