Claiming “Superman” was His Uncle, Henry Cavill’s Nephew was Accused of Lying by His Teachers so Henry Decided to Visit the School”

Just mentioning the superhero ‘Superman’ conjures up images of Henry Cavill, right? The story of Henry and his nephew Thomas has recently gotten a lot of attention on Twitter.

This is because Thomas, who is seven years old, was accused of lying when he claimed that his uncle was Superman.

It all started when Thomas wore a Superman shirt to school one day, and kids were asked to recount anecdotes about their families at the time.

Thomas’ teacher was perplexed as to why he was wearing the shirt.

“Because my uncle is Superman,” Thomas said confidently again and over. Thomas was summoned to the office and warned against ‘living in fantasy.’ Superman, according to the teacher, couldn’t be his uncle.

The teacher had urged Thomas’ mother to speak with her son about the situation when it was time to go home.

“Now your youngster has deceived everyone by claiming that his uncle is Superman,” the teacher stated. “That’s the truth,” Thomas’ mother said.

Thomas’ mother then begged Henry to go to his school and ‘rescue’ her son because the people at the school still doubted him. At the time, it was also difficult for the mother to communicate with him.

Then perhaps now everyone will believe!

According to Thomas’ mother, she requested Henry to pick up her son from school so that he would not be reprimanded and accused of lying.

Henry told his experience during a live interview with Kelly and Ryan on LIVE!




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