Male Teachers Are Wearing Skirts To Class In Order To Protest This Student Getting Expelled Over It

Image credits: borjamusico

This is education done right. The teachers of Spain are standing in solidarity with a male student who was expelled last year for wearing a skirt to class by showing up at their jobs clad in skirts themselves. It’s all part of the Clothes Have No Gender (#laropanotienegenero) movement that aims to put an end to stereotypical gender norms in the European country.

The movement was at its peak in late October and early November of 2020, but very recently it has gained lots of renewed attention both in real life, online, and in the media, as more male teachers joined the protest.

At the start of May 2021, 37-year-old Manuel Ortega and 36-year-old Borja Velázquez started coming to class dressed in skirts, in response to a recent case of bullying at the Virgen de Sacedon primary school in Valladolid where they work. In this particular case, a boy was bullied for wearing an anime sweatshirt, had to endure homophobic slurs, and took the piece of clothing off.

Image credits: borjamusico

Teacher Borja Velázquez, along with his coworker Manuel Ortega, reignited the Clothes Have No Gender movement after a recent incident

They both decided to wear skirts to class and teach their students about tolerance after a student at their school was bullied for the clothes he was wearing

Naturally, Ortega and Velázquez were outraged at the bullying going on in their school and decided to join the Clothes Have No Gender movement in order to promote tolerance, respect, and diversity.

Both teachers are educating their students about how to break prejudices that they might have learned from their parents while at home. According to Velázquez, who spoke to El Pais, the most read newspaper in Spanish online, they wanted to teach kids that words hurt and that there was a need for change.

Some of the things they taught their students include that it’s all right for boys to be in the kitchen or to have long hair while it’s also perfectly fine for girls to love soccer and have short hair.

Ortega (left) and Velázquez (right) are fighting against gender stereotypes. They’re among a number of Spanish male teachers wearing skirts to make a change.




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