Kentucky Teacher Mails Snowman To Florida So Students Can See Snow

Photo by: Courtesy of Amber Estes

Some students in the Sunshine State were fortunate enough to experience snow for the first time this winter.

No, it hasn’t snowed in Florida this year, but a teacher in Tampa got a special delivery to her classroom earlier this month.

Robin Hughes, a former Kentucky teacher who now teaches in Florida, got the idea to ask her sister, who still lives in Kentucky, for a snow shipment after coming to the realization that just two of her students had ever seen snow in person, according to LEX18.

“So I said, ‘I want you to make me a snowman, and I want you to overnight him to me and see if he can make it to the school’ because I want these children in Florida to see snow,” Hughes told LEX18.

Hughes’ sister, Amber Estes, hesitated at first, but then agreed. When a heavy snowstorm hit Kentucky in January, Estes made Lucky, a snowman that would make the trip of a lifetime.

“So we put him inside the packaging, we wrapped him up in that foil, and we put ice packs in, we sealed him up, there was Styrofoam around the box. Off he went down to the local UPS store,” Estes said.

Hughes said Lucky is a huge hit in her classroom — and is one of the reasons she loves her job so much.

“So then we went to the classroom and had the kids open it and just the pure joy of seeing that snowman … It was just … To me, that’s what teaching is about,” she said.

To keep the teaching moment alive, Lucky will be turned into a plant when it melts.




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