Custodian Has Best Reaction When Teachers Reveal Life-Changing Gift

In a heartwarming gesture, teachers at a US school went the extra mile to gift a car to the custodian of the institution. Now, a video of the man moved by the gesture has gone viral.

Chris Jackson, a custodian at Unity Grove Elementary School in Henry County, Georgia, couldn’t believe it when his colleagues pitched in to buy him a car. As the faculty and staff were aware he was struggling financially and had to walk to work every day, they took up the mission to extend a helping hand to him.

Credit: ‘There is a God’: Teachers surprise elementary school custodian with a car, Youtube, FOX 5 Atlanta

The video going viral across social media sites captures the man’s reaction when he was brought to the car and handed its keys. “I never would’ve dreamed of something like this,” Jackson was heard saying. “This is mind-blowing to me,” he added before thanking teachers over and over again.

In a Facebook post, the school said the teachers collected funds to also help him find housing and make utility payments. “Little did we know, it was his favorite type of car, and he was stunned to know that it was HIS!” the school shared.

According to the Newsweek, Jackson had fallen on hard times and was forced to either travel by an unreliable bus route or take an hour-long walk. The sweet gesture came as many US states schools start to reopen.

Despite all the hurdles, the man said he didn’t quit. Talking to Alive 11 News, he said: “I didn’t run away. I just stay. I put my pride aside. I just come to work, smile, be me.”

“There has never been a day where he has not come in with a smile on his face. The kids here adore him. They love Mr. Chris. And he just works so hard,” Special Ed Teacher Jodi Combs told the news outlet.

The wonderful gesture won hearts online with people saying it reaffirmed their “faith in humanity”.

Good people exist and they make ALL the difference. Choose kindness and compassion.

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