From School Custodian To Teacher: How One Mom Achieved Her Lifelong Dream

Wanda Smith is one of the most popular teachers at Brenham Elementary. But her journey to the head of the class was anything but easy!

Wanda Smith grew up with dreams of becoming a teacher, but she was unable to attend college when her mother became ill and needed assistance.

Wanda says the following years were spent trying her best to provide for her mother, as well as her two sisters.

Credit: Inspiring Educators: Brenham first-grade teacher’s will to succeed, Youtube, KAGSTV

She worked at an ice cream parlor, and eventually held various jobs at schools in her native Brenham, Texas. One of Wanda’s jobs was spent as a bus monitor and custodian at Brenham Elementary School, the place where she now teaches.

So how did Wanda go from custodian to teacher? It took hard work, love and support from her husband, and an uncanny ability to persevere and handle whatever life threw her way!




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