Players Hugging Teammate’s Mother During Match Leaves Her Teary-Eyed, Her Son Passed Away In November Of 2020

Much has been talked about the power of hugs and its healing capabilities. Now, in a video going viral, teammates of a deceased player were seen hugging his mother before a game.

In a tragic car accident, 14-year-old Ely Dehart of Ansley, central Nebraska lost his life in November of 2020. However, when his mother Jennifer returned to the court to support her son’s school team, all his teammates took turns to give her a hug.

“They hug me to remind me my son will always be part of the team,” the mother wrote in the caption of her TikTok video that has taken social media by storm leaving all teary-eyed. Ely attended school in Sumner where he played basketball, football and baseball and played in the band for the SEM Mustangs.

The video showed young basketball players rushing to her to greet her during the match. Moved by the gesture of the Mustang players, the grieving mother added, “This means more to me than they will ever know.”

Explaining the significance of the poignant gesture, the mother added: “It’s like my child’s hugging me and telling me he loves me.” She extended her love and gratitude to all in her video.

The mother also mentioned in her post how welcoming and loving the parents and fellow students have been to her at the school. “So proud to call these boys family and so excited for them all,” she wrote.

The video left many emotional online, including former NBA player Rex Chapman, who shared the video on Twitter saying he’s “bawling”. American actress Patricia Arquette too reacted to the video dubbing it as “a beautiful example of manly strength”.





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