High School Students Teach Italian To Migrants In Senigallia

In Italy, high school students will teach Italian in a foreigner’s school in Senigallia as part of a school-work project.

Six students from the Medi Linguistic High School in Senigallia (Ancona) will intern at the Penny Wirton School for Foreigners, where they will teach Italian to foreigners for a few hours each week.

The effort, known as the “school-work alternation,” will begin in March as part of the PCTO program, which stands for “Pathways for Transversal Skills and Orientation.”

Initiative to help young people grow: “We believe the agreement with Medi Linguistic High School shows how it is possible to intertwine profitable relationships between the world of school and society, not based solely on the job market, but also capable of helping young people grow and mature in a convivial and fruitful context for civic growth, without distinction between high schools and professional institutes,” organisers said.

Sharing languages and interactions: The Penny Wirton school in Senigallia is one of 50 such schools in Italy, made up of volunteers who teach Italian to foreigners without classes or grades “in a one-to-one relationship between those who teach and those who learn,” organizers said. In this way “not only language and grammar exchanges are created, but human relationships, sharing of knowledge and sensations, unexpected discoveries and encounters.” “Learning to live together is fighting against racism,” organizers said.




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