Student Brought Gun To South Carolina Elementary School To “Shoot Zombies”

Authorities in South Carolina have arrested a man from the Upstate after his grandson allegedly discovered a gun at his home and brought it to his primary school to “shoot zombies.”

Kalim Abdul Alawajid was arrested and charged with criminal behavior towards a minor by the Laurens Police Department.

A school staff discovered a tiny, loaded pistol on the seat of a student’s desk at Laurens Elementary School at 7:50 a.m. on Friday, according to police. After that, the employee notified the school administration and a school resource officer, who took the pistol away from him.

The student discovered the weapon at his grandfather’s house, according to authorities. Alawajid, the grandfather, is scheduled to appear in court on Saturday for a bail hearing.

The teenager who brought the handgun to school had “nothing to do with a threat,” according to police.

“He wanted to shoot zombies at school,” said a detective with the Laurens Police Department during a Friday afternoon press conference.

The pupil has been withdrawn from school, according to district officials, and a disciplinary hearing will be held.





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