Seven Teachers Were Pregnant At The Same Time In Kansas Elementary School

In her two decades as principal of Goddard’s Oak Street School, Ashley Miller says she’s never seen anything like it. “No one drinks our water anymore,” Miller continued, “but it’s a running joke throughout the district.” There were eight babies by October, since one of the instructors was expecting twins, and the school reported in November that the ladies had received a total of eight healthy newborns.

After maternity leave, the bulk of the women went to work, and the six girls and two boys were reunited for the first time.

Kelli Jo Sheahon, one of the teachers who gave birth to twins in September, stated, “We always felt that Oak Street Elementary was like a little family.” However, this only adds to the complexity. “We’re genuinely sharing our personal families, communicating with one another, and assisting one another. With our coworkers, we’re sharing a more personal aspect of our lives.”

The moms reported that they have a group dialogue in which they exchange advice and recommendations.

“We are the first people we look to when we need guidance,” Tara Johnson, another teacher who gave birth to a child in March, said.

According to Sheahon, several of the other moms even gave her their children’s outgrown baby clothing.

For several months, Principal Ashley Miller has been quietly preparing maternity leave, bringing in retired teachers and principals to cover for the moms. Miller was working on a master plan for the school that would allow instructors to breastfeed their children during the day.

Miller described the experience as a “wacky ride,” but she is relieved that everything worked out.

“When the last babies were born and were healthy, I breathed a sigh of relief,” Miller told Insider. “We were really fortunate that all of the mothers and babies were in good health.”

Despite the fact that the instructors have become celebrities in their area, known as the “Oak Street mommas,” the ladies said they are focused on raising their children and looking forward to the future.

“I think it’ll be really lovely to watch them grow up together in a few years when they all start school,” Miller added.




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