Anyone, Not Only Teachers, Would Be Eligible For Temporary Teaching Permits Under New Tennessee Bill

The Tennessee General Assembly is considering a measure that would enable the state’s Department of Education commissioner to grant temporary permits to anybody who wants to teach most subjects, not only qualified instructors.

According to records, the law would grant emergency teaching licenses to those who are not instructors and have no official training.

Those who obtain a teaching permit will be able to teach for up to three years.

According to the new bill, those seeking an emergency permit can “upon the request of a director of schools or the director of a public charter school, issue a temporary permit to a person in accordance with subsection (a) to teach any course or subject area, except for special education courses or physical education courses.”

If the law passes, those who want to teach for the 2022-2023 school year “or in subsequent school years” will be able to get temporary teaching permits and temporary endorsement exemptions.

To read the full bill, Click Here.




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