Romania’s PM Ciuca: Refugee Children From Ukraine Will Receive The Same Education Rights As Romanian Students

Approximately 30,000 kids have arrived to Romania from Ukraine by Monday, according to the government.

“All Ukrainian children on Romanian territory, including those who do not seek protection, according to the asylum law, will benefit from the right to education in Romanian schools, under the same conditions as Romanian preschoolers and students. These children will have the right to free accommodation in boarding schools, the right to food allowance, the right to receive supplies, clothing, shoes and textbooks “, announced Dan Cărbunaru, Government spokesman. (Speech Translated)

Students will also be entitled to a free health inspection and vaccination, as well as free transportation in all modes permitted by law.

Regarding the students, Dan Cărbunaru announced that “the Ministry of Education will be able to approve an additional number of places within the limit of 20% of the schooling capacity. This measure complements the provisions already announced by the Minister of Education since the beginning of the crisis, allowing Ukrainian students to enroll in courses in Romania in order to continue their studies “. (Speech Translated)

The government has also agreed to pay a subsidy of 50 lei per day for lodging and 20 lei per person per day for food for all refugees staying at state or private pre-university educational institutions for a period of 90 days.

In addition, in order to handle the issue of unaccompanied Ukrainian children, the Romanian government decided to establish operative groups at the county level and, when needed, at the sector level of the Bucharest municipality. The General Directorates of Social Assistance and Child Protection may recruit contract workers for a specific length of time, not to exceed three years, in order to offer protection to children in such crucial situations.




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