A 6-Year-Old Ukrainian Girl Has Started School In Ireland After Fleeing From The Russian Invasion

According to the Irish Mirror, a young Ukrainian girl has started school in Ireland after fleeing her war-torn country.

Last week, Zlata Vynnyk who survived Russia’s bombings began class for the first time at St Joseph’s National School in Coolock, Dublin, yesterday.

The six-year-old went to St Joseph’s to join her cousin Ronan Gamanin Korniiets, who is in Second Class.

Zlata’s mother Kristina Vynnyk, 30, and Ronan’s mother Olena Korniiets, 46, were both teary-eyed when they drove the kids to school yesterday.

Kristina’s spouse, Olexandr, is Zlata’s father, and he remains in Ukraine with her parents as the crisis worsens.

Men between the ages of 18 and 60 are prohibited from leaving Ukraine, and many are turning to become armed citizen soldiers to thwart Russia’s march.

Olena mentions to the Irish Mirror that: “Zlata went to school, but it was not easy.”

“They also visited Ronan’s class. He was really happy to go with her in the morning, to take her to his school.”

Last Wednesday, Olena and her husband Roman, who is Kristina’s brother, greeted Zlata and Kristina at Dublin Airport.

“I am worried for my family, I am worried about the bombs,” Kristina, an English teacher, said as she escaped via Moldova.

“My husband and my parents are still there. I just want them to survive. I left so that our daughter Zlata can live.”

Source: Irish Mirror, Ukrainian girl, 6, who fled Russia war starts school in Ireland, https://www.irishmirror.ie/news/irish-news/ukrainian-girl-6-who-fled-26410337




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