Viral Video: Teacher Taught Her Kids A New Language Using This Clever Method

Parents are frequently concerned about giving their children too much screen time.

However, one teacher has devised a fantastic strategy for making screen time enjoyable and informative for her students.

“Parenting hack from a teacher: Have all your kids’ screen time be in another language,” she wrote on a TikTok video of her kids engrossed in their devices.

“My kids only watch TV/tablets in Spanish.

“Now they both speak Spanish and my younger daughter is almost fluent.”

She did emphasize, however, that the parent must also learn the language.

“Or your kids will be telling each other secrets and you won’t understand them,” she added.

“Let me clarify: my kids have always been exposed to Spanish with music, etc.,” she said in the comments section.

“They understand what they are watching and love it!”

Other mothers offered their own recommendations in the comments area, and she was instantly commended for the hack.

“Also subtitles help with reading,” one wrote, to which the original poster replied: “I love that!!! Great ideas.”

“Yes! It’s better for children to learn two languages at the same time if the goal is bilingualism!” someone else added.

“And introduce another language before the age of 6!”

Find the footage below:




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