Colorado District 51 Bill Looks To Bring Back Retired Teachers

“It’s always good to get some experienced teachers back in the building and really helping out.” said D51 HR Recruiter, Carter Ness.

This year, District 51 was permitted to reintroduce several retired instructors to local schools after waiving a stipulation that prevented them from returning after twenty-six weeks of retirement.

Ness stated, “About 25 to 30 retired teachers back this year alone.”

Any D51 instructor may now easily return by filling out a one-page application with a few references.

“As long as they were a good teacher that left in good standings, we can bring them back.” Ness added.

District 51 values its collaboration with CMU, which brings in around 70 student teachers each year, but they are thrilled to have senior teachers filling a gap.

Ness uttered, “So grateful that we have these experienced teachers and other staff members that are willing to come back after serving with us for some time.”

Although the immediate demand for classroom instructors has been satisfied, d51 still requires assistance.

“Definitely still have a big need for nutritional services, paraprofessional services interested in working with our special education students.” Ness mentioned.

Teachers are in short supply around the country, but carter ness says he won’t stop seeking for competent candidates until District 51 meets its target.

Ness voiced, “Staff all of our schools with the best teachers we possibly can to become one of the best districts in the state and become the best district in the entire nation.”




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