World Bank Halts $600 Million Dollar Projects In Afghanistan Amid Taliban’s Ban On Girls From Attending School

Following the country’s prohibition on girls’ secondary schools, the World Bank said that four projects totalling $600 million had been placed on hold in Afghanistan.

Agriculture, education, health, and livelihood were among the programs financed by the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF).

The World Bank has voiced grave concern over limits on girls’ education, stating that initiatives funded by the ARTF must encourage equal access to and equitable access to services for women and girls in Afghanistan.

All ARTF donors have been requested to wait for clearance so that the bank may have a better understanding of the situation in Afghanistan and ensure that the projects’ objectives are achieved.

The World Bank unfroze $1 billion from the ARTF on March 1st, to be utilized in four important sectors in Afghanistan, circumventing de facto authorities and intended for UN relief organizations.

In response to the prohibition on adolescent females’ education, the US postponed a planned meeting with Taliban officials in Doha.

On March 23rd, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan declared a prohibition on girls attending secondary schools, despite the fact that boys are permitted to attend classes at all levels.




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