West Virginia Passes Senate Bill 261 Requiring Cameras To Be Placed In Special Needs Classrooms

Governor Jim Justice of West Virginia has signed a measure requiring cameras in special needs classrooms.

The governor made the news during his Friday press conference.

‘It is so bizarre, it’s unbelievable, there’s been horrific acts to our special needs kids. These are our gifts. These are sent from God to us. They need our protection’, said Gov. Justice.

Gov. Justice stated that the law would require video cameras to be installed in all special needs courses and that they be available at all times to ensure that another awful act against one of “God’s gifts” does not occur.

It will also be a crime if someone abuses a special needs child or refuses to report something that happens to a special needs child, according to the Governor.

‘We can’t afford one mistake, and I don’t think we’ll have another mistake’, Gov Justice said




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