After The Tragic Death Of A 5-Year-Old Boy, His Family Protests Outside His Kindergarten

In early March, a family was spotted holding a sign that said, “Give us the truth, and justice for our kid,” in front of a kindergarten in eastern China.

They were demonstrating because they wanted to know the truth about the death of Zhao, a five-year-old child from Anhui Province in eastern China, who died abruptly during his kindergarten lunch break on March 2.

According to, the boy’s mother, surnamed Liu, who was carrying a photo of her son, thought the actual reason of Zhao’s death had been disguised.

The cause of death, according to the postmortem report issued on March 15, was abrupt pulmonary oedema, a disease caused by too much fluid in the lungs. There was no inflammation, toxicity, or underlying cardiac issues, according to the autopsy, which are all prevalent causes of the illness.

Liu refused to accept the findings, claiming that her kid was in good condition. She also charged certain teachers with failing to follow through when the youngster was in distress.

“When the ambulance arrived, after an examination, the paramedics informed me that my son had died,” Liu recalled, her voice shaking.

Everything looked to be alright after the grandmother dropped off the kid, whose temperature was normal during check-in. Zhao’s teacher called the grandma around midday to say that the kid was drowsy and had been sent to take a nap.

“The teacher said he was negligent because he never revisited my son after he put him to bed,” said Liu. “When the teacher called the child’s grandmother, he did not say anything about whether the child was feeling uncomfortable.”

The school then phoned Liu and her husband at 2:00 p.m. to inform them that Zhao had a nosebleed. When the couple arrived to the kindergarten, they discovered their kid asleep on the bed.

The paramedics were dispatched, but by the time they came, the youngster had perished.

The matter is currently being investigated, and the employees at the subdistrict office said they are aware of the situation and are in contact with the parents.

In recent years, many kindergartens in mainland China have had troubles, and many parents of young children are apprehensive to send their children to school.

In Sichuan province, a kindergarten was found serving children moldy veggies and expired food on Wednesday.

A woman claimed that her kid’s kindergarten instructor hit and assaulted her son last week.

“My child is over three years old, and people always ask me why I have not sent him to kindergarten,” a different mother posted on Douyin. “I never answer.”




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