Missouri Lawmakers Look To Lessen Teacher Expenses By Covering Costs For Some Classroom Material Purchases

State Senator Lauren Arthur’s measure would allow teachers to deduct some out-of-pocket expenses from their state income taxes.

Books, bookshelves, and even pencils are frequently purchased out of pocket by instructors.

”I had to buy four bookcases so that I could store the books. I had to buy lots of organization things,“ said Sara Schnitzer, a first-year teacher at Maplecrest Elementary in Lebanon.

”It would put really would probably put no boundary to the things that I could have in my classroom, I wouldn’t have to think ooh, I can only claim this amount. So what’s it going to be,” said Schnitzer.

Her classroom set-up cost her hundreds of dollars.

“I spent about $800. I am a first-year teacher,” said Schnitzer.

Bethanie Tait is a Willard School District teacher. She’s been teaching for over ten years and says she’s always in need of school supplies. Tait says she tries everything she can to keep prices down, including purchasing old items.

“I’ve collected over the years, but when you are starting now, it’s really just what did maybe a teacher before me leave for me to use,” said Tait.

If the governor signs the law, it will go into effect on August 28th, with tax cuts commencing in 2023.




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