The Search Continues For Missing HS English Teacher, Meghan Marohn

She arrived to The Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge wanting to escape.

Her brother, Marohn Naple, claimed there was an emotional upheaval. He won’t say why Marohn, of Delmar, N.Y., went to the historic inn, although she stated a friend suggested it.

“She was in contact with friends, who said, ‘Just get a room in Stockbridge and just relax,’” Naple said Friday.

Marohn arrived in Stockbridge on March 26. That day, Naple contacted Marohn.

“I asked how she was doing, and she said ‘I’m just enjoying my soup, and I’m reading a book, and I’m just enjoying the room,’” he said of the conversation.

It was their final conversation before Marohn, 42, went missing. The following day, her black Subaru was sighted at the 46-acre Janet Longcope Park in South Lee. No sign of the vehicles, police started searching a large area surrounding Church Street on Tuesday, March 29.

There is no evidence to indicate the public is in danger or that the case is related to others, police said this week.

Naple, of Northville, N.Y., has set up a website,, with a discussion board seeking suggestions. He believes his sister is still alive, but admits the situation is changing, and not for the better.

“I think the investigation is focusing more on someone that’s not alive,” he said.

Why was her vehicle near the trailhead on a windy, snowy day? It seems Marohn did not travel the circle route, but instead crossed the road into a rural residential neighborhood. Naple stated the park’s mobile signal was gone.

Naple wonders why she selected Longcope Park, a Lee neighborhood park. Longcope wouldn’t show up in a hike-friendly Google search, he added. No, it doesn’t. Nor had she stated it.

Whether the sensitive artist Marohn knew Janet Percy’s tale The property’s namesake, Dana Longcope, and her cousin, poet William Alexander Percy, Naple stated the family had considered.

“We thought that maybe she did stumble on that person’s name and that history, and that maybe that’s why she went there,” he said.

In 2016, the website All Over Albany reported about Marohn, a poet and teacher at Shaker High School in Latham:

“Meghan Marohn can’t speak little. She’ll say so. Meghan is eager to discuss about the meaning of life, love, time, repetition, or the Collar City Bridge. You’ll find her sitting by the river at Troy Flea, or along River Street at the Enchanted City festival or Troy Night Out. She’s the redhead behind the manual typewriter behind the Troy Poem Project sign”.

Since Marohn’s vehicle was located, Naple has gone to Longcope. He and his family stroll the conservation property and its pathways. The cops keep searching and investigating.

“We just keep walking,” he answered. The search continues for someone who may still be alive.




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