Teacher Suspended For Secretly Selling A Large Number Of Cows Without Notifying The School

The Nagasaki Prefectural Board of Education reported on March 30 that a 48-year-old male teacher had been suspended for six months from a prefectural high school. Although the institution has not been identified, it is probable that the instructor worked at an agricultural school since he was suspended for selling 62 calves that were born in the school’s barn.

According to the Board of Education, the individual was the leader of a group of teachers in charge of caring for the school’s cows, and he was expected to report to the school whenever a new calf was born. Male dairy cows were to be sold as soon as they were born in accordance with the school’s policy because of the high expense of feeding them. Few male cows have been born in the last six and a half years, according to records.

As a result, he sold the cows to dealers and stockbreeders without authorization and pocketed the profits. The instructor made 3.6 million yen (approximately 28,685.94 United States Dollar) through the sale of some of the cows, most of which were male dairy cows, since they were so valuable.

Many people on the internet were horrified by the teacher’s actions, and many argued that the situation required a more severe penalty.

“This is 100 percent embezzlement. Surely someone else at the school knew about this.”

“I think there’s more to this. This smells like gang activity.”

“Only six months suspension?! At an office job you’d totally be fired for this.”

“I guess any crime that happens in a school isn’t an actual ‘crime’.”

“If no one noticed for over six years, that’s some serious mismanagement.”

Source: Asahi Shimbun via Jin





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