A New Illinois Bill Would Provide Educators Additional Time Off To Get Mental Health Care

More time off for teachers and other school personnel to take care of their mental health has been approved by both chambers of the Illinois legislature.

All full-time school workers would get five fully compensated mental health days per school year if HB3914 were enacted into law by Governor J.B. Pritzker.

Director of QPS personnel Lisa Otten believes that everything done to help teachers’ mental health is worthwhile.

Sick days may be used to treat mental health issues, according to her. Teachers’ insurance policies, according to her, also provide three free therapy sessions every year.

Teacher use of these services is increasing, according to Otten.

“It’s probably because of the post-COVID mental health needs that more of our staff members are using this service,” she added. That is why we are seeing a rise in the number of staff members taking advantage of the free counseling services that are available to them.”

When COVID-19 arrived, Brandi Many claimed it was difficult to convert from online courses to hybrid programs.

Teachers, she argued, would really benefit from this measure.

In the wake of COVID and the last two years’ worth of changes in schools, “it would be an amazing benefit for staff that already are stressed out,” several added.

Many believed that the five days would be beneficial to individuals who needed it and to those who were anxious.




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