Teacher Surprises Students By Inviting Them To Join In Her Wedding

This 5th grade teacher described the emotional moment she asked her children to be her junior bridesmaids and groomsmen at her wedding!

TikToker and 5th grade teacher, Alexandra McDowell (@alexandrastamps), posts videos of her everyday life as well as classroom activities and hacks. When Alexandra became engaged to her now-husband, she instantly knew she wanted her pupils to have a part in her wedding, so she decided to ask them to be junior bridesmaids and groomsmen!

Alexandra posted a video of the emotional moment she asked her pupils to her wedding!

The video opens with a view of Alexandra standing outside of her classroom. As she says, “I’m about to ask my students to be part of my wedding.”

In the following scene, Alexandra carefully lays her phone on a desk in her classroom. Afterwards, she takes a seat at the front of the class before turning to face her pupils. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I’d want to pose a question to the group. “First, I want to ask the girls… Will you be my junior bridesmaids in my wedding?”

As she says, Alexandra turns and takes up numerous strings of imitation pearls embellished with slips of pink paper. The girls in the class began to cheer and yell “Yes! Yes! Yes!” as soon as she finishes her inquiry.

The boys get Alexandra’s invitation in the mail. “My next question is for the boys,” she continues. “Will you be my junior groomsmen?”

Once again, the students began to clap and applaud, saying, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Towards the conclusion, a group of Alexandra’s pupils gathers to toast her forthcoming nuptials. The youngsters jump up and down in joy and shout, while some of the females are teary-eyed.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the teacher’s romantic wedding invitation.

“One in a million instructor who loves her students!” remarked one viewer.

“I’m crying. You were meant to be a teacher! What a fantastic memory for the kids!” observed another TikToker.

“So many core memories,” remarked another viewer.

In a follow-up video, Alexandra revealed images of her pupils rejoicing alongside her during the wedding! That Alexandra’s former classmates played an important role in her wedding ceremony shows just how much she values them as people.




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