Pulaski County: Student Has Organized A School Supply Drive In Order To Show His Appreciation For His Teachers

Several school supplies were collected by a Pulaski County child who hosted a drive.

In order to assist the teachers at Pulaski Elementary School, five-year-old Jacob solicited donations of school supplies from the community from April 1 through April 13.

This week, Jacob and his mother brought two boxes of school supplies and arranged them in a new cabinet with a notice to urge instructors to get what they need, as well.

The two instructors who came to see us said, ‘Wow, what’s all this stuff for?’” ” Jacob’s mother, Brittany Slaughter, stated. This is the additional stockpile that Jacob’s has been building up, they claimed. Yes, I replied. As if to say, “We can have this stuff,” they exclaimed. “Yeah,” I said.

Jacob had to do something kind for someone else as part of his duties as a Cub Scout in Dublin Pack 742.

Jacob was inspired by his teacher, Mrs. Etzel, who he claimed allowed all the kids to pick up supplies if their stuff broke, went missing, or if they had forgotten them at home..

He said that he wanted to assist instructors since they often had damaged goods returned to them.

People should express their support for cub scouts after the coronavirus pandemic decimated hundreds of clubs, Jacob hopes.




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