New York: Many Teachers Have Been Put On Unpaid Leave For Allegedly Using Fake Vaccination Cards

Dozens of New York City public school instructors are facing dismissal after allegedly presenting fake documentation of COVID immunization. They will be replaced.

A lawsuit, on the other hand, is being threatened by the teachers’ unions.

Spring break is over, and those instructors will not be returning to the classroom.

“I’m really disappointed to learn there were fake vaccination cards. Not only is it illegal, it undermines our entire trust,” Mayor Eric Adams said.

As of this writing, the Department of Education has confirmed that less than 100 workers have been affected, but it has not explained how it came at this conclusion.

“It’s not safe for our kids, for us, too,” parent Jazmin Mendez told CBS2’s Aundrea Cline-Thomas.

“People have been faking the cards since the pandemic started. It’s nothing new, and the fact that the DOE is just finding out about it now, it’s too little, too late,” parent Moe Green said.

According to a statement released by the United Federation of Teachers, the charges are based on “unproven claims,” and lowering teachers’ compensation before providing evidence is “a blatant breach of the fundamental principle of due process.”

“I don’t support any fraudulent or illegal activity, but I understand when people feel desperate,” said Michael Kane, founder of Teachers for Choice.

When Kane was fired in February for not complying with the city’s vaccine requirement, he had been a teacher for 14 years. Adams says he will not be modifying the legislation, even giving certain exemptions.

“We now have Eric Adams saying if you’re a high paying performer or athlete, you don’t have to abide by this rule, but if you’re part of the working class, you do,” Kane said. “What we have now is not public health. We have class warfare.”

However, as the number of COVID cases in the city rises, so does the risk.

If the Department of Education does not overturn its judgment by the end of the day, the teachers’ union has vowed to file a lawsuit.

After multiple failed court challenges, ex-Mayor Bill de Blasio imposed a vaccination requirement on municipal workers and students in the autumn.




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