Arizona Summer Camp aims to help kids with learning loss across the community

Ducey’s $100 million AZOnTrack summer camp is still open to pupils who have been unable to attend school for two years because of the pandemic.

With this program, we want to improve the lives of kids who have learning loss.

Summer camps are springing up all throughout the state, including at schools, youth community centers, and libraries, with more than 600 programs already organized.

Lisa Graham Keegan, a former superintendent of public instruction, was appointed director of AZOnTrack by Governor Ducey.

Schools and youth groups from all throughout the state are responding well, according to Keegan.

120,000 pupils may be accommodated at the camps. However, Keegan claims that the number of camps participating in the AZOnTrack is increasing on a daily basis.

Parents may register their children for free at by clicking on “Register your students,” entering their zip code, and seeing a map of camp sites and curriculum.

“Even as the application process has been going on, we’ve had some of the camps say as soon as we put the map up they were oversubscribed, and they ask if they could serve more kids. That’s a happy indicator,” Keegan said.

The governor has set a target of 250,000 students attending the camp.

Two to eight weeks is the typical length of time spent at these programs.

“Most of these camps are telling us they do have the staff they need. We owe a huge thank you to the teachers who are agreeing to give up their summertime,” Keegan said.

May 2 is the deadline for registering.




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