$750 Gift Card To Assist With Classroom Supplies, Teacher Surprised

Kindergarten teacher Jennifer Nannini had no clue she and her kids were in for a huge surprise when they arrived at school.

She began her day by counting numbers with her pupil, but she never expected to be taken by surprise by a huge number herself later in the afternoon.

Ms. Nannini and her pupils at Hancock Elementary School kicked off Teacher Appreciation Week.

The school and Walmart partnered together to offer Ms. Nannini a $750 gift card, and her kids received sweets as a thank-you present for their service.

“I mean wow, I was surprised. At first, I thought Principal Hightower was coming in to observe me. This is amazing, this money is going to help me so much,” said Ms. Nannini. 

The kindergarten teacher has worked at the school for six years, and the money she got will be used to cover classroom expenditures for the next year.

According to the school, teachers spend an average of $700 on classroom materials each year.

The start of the school year might be challenging for some instructors because of that quantity.

“We need to just get toys and books and hands-on material for the little kiddos, so we can show them this firsthand learning experience,” said Ms. Nannini.

When it comes to classroom gifts, some parents at Hancock Elementary School may not always be able to contribute.

To demonstrate their gratitude for their instructors, the school is seeking for innovative methods.

“All of our families who live in our area are in E1 thru E6 enlisted members for the most part and their families struggle enough on their own. So, when we have fundraisers or when we ask for donations from our parents, our teachers know sometimes it’s difficult. It’s one of the reasons why teachers tend to spend out of pocket money,” said Principal Irene Hightower, from Hancock Elementary School.

To say thank you is one way to convey gratitude, but supporting children and teachers in a moment of need is an even better way to show appreciation.




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