Louisiana: New Legislation Might Allow Retired Teachers To Return To The Classroom For Double Pay

A new strategy is being tested in Louisiana to alleviate the national teacher shortage.

You can’t keep having that many unattended classes, can you?” In Louisiana, Rep. Rick Edmonds remarked, “It’s an essential necessity.”

A new measure has been introduced that would enable certain retired educators to re-enter the workforce at a salary that is two times higher than the existing one, while still receiving their full pension. Thus, educators will be able to return to the classroom and get half of their final average salary.

The House of Representatives approved the measure by a voice vote, and it will now go to the Senate for consideration.

Rep. C. Denise Marcelle stated, “They have an incentive to come back, and they have the expertise that we need in the classroom, and we absolutely support that and believe that will assist our children in many ways.

As far as I’m concerned, the biggest danger is that our school administrators and superintendents will be completely unable to fill those classes if they are tethered to their desks.” Edmonds remarked, “We simply can’t let it happen.”

As a teacher, Lamon Dubose, Jr. taught for 34 years. He said he’d go back in a heartbeat, but he thinks politicians should focus on more pressing matters.

First, he added, the poor compensation, onerous paperwork, and “unfulfilled promises” that compelled teachers to retire must be addressed.

However, “basically it’s a Band-Aid,” Dubose remarked. After addressing these issues, not only will instructors return, but I believe more teachers will remain for longer periods of time.

Dubose hinted that if his health and well-being improve, he would return to the classroom in the next school year.

“The one thing that I missed. The one thing that I miss the most are the students. The main reason why most teachers are there are for their students,” Dubose said.




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