West Tennessee: The Impact Of The TISA Law On Students, Teachers, And Parents.

Governor Measure Lee approved a new bill called TISA. One billion dollars will be added to public education in Tennessee as a result of ACT.

Pete Johnson, JMCSS School Board Chairman believes the rise in money is simply the tip of the iceberg.

Recurring funding, according to Johnson, will have the greatest effect on schools in Jackson and West Tennessee.

“So with the state stepping up with the additional funding, it gives us the opportunity to fund additional programs, incentives, add additional curriculum, or fund further positions that the state didn’t fund fully before,”  said Johnson.

According to him, the schools in Jackson-Madison County may now devote more resources to the arts, allowing children to cultivate and enhance their natural abilities and abilities.

It was previously impossible, according to Johnson, to offer all of the materials required by art, music, and gym instructors in a school setting.

“Arts is a big deal for us and our school systems. We’re putting emphasis on arts, academics and athletics,” added Johnson.

As he recalls, in the past, counselors were paid with spare monies, which led to a high staff turn over.

He claims that as of right now, they will be able to get all of the necessary supplies and funds to do the necessary responsibilities.

According to Johnson, “now some of those funds will be going to add additional counselor, social programs that deal with socioemotional issues with children.”

Johnson claims that the governor also added a provision to enhance teachers’ salaries.

He hopes this would help alleviate the present teacher shortage in Tennessee’s school districts.

“There will be an additional $124 million provided for teacher raises. That is so key since not only local school systems in our state, but there is a national shortage of teachers. That’s one of the things that is going to be key to us and other school systems’ retention of teachers,” Johnson said.

After this school year, the law will take effect.




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