Williamson County Schools Will Soon Offer Esports Programs For Students

The CoolSprings Galleria’s new Belong Gaming Arena will collaborate with Williamson County Schools to provide esports programs to local schools.

Williamson County School District executive director of College, Career and Technical Education and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center Jeremy Qualls stated that “Middle Tennessee has exploded in the tech sector and we want to be on the frontlines of a workforce pipeline, and esports helps exposure into careers”.

In order to foster a feeling of community between students and schools, “Belong” might serve as an entrance point.

Students may participate in video games in a similar way to how they would compete in stick-and-ball sports via esports programs at school. With competitions like “League of Legends” or “Call of Duty,” students from various high schools might compete against one other.

Williamson County Schools has experimented with a variety of new technology-based methods of teaching.. Since 2018, Columbia State Community College has offered a dual-credit mechatronics curriculum to students in the district. Students On the day of their high school graduation, all students get an Associate of Applied Science degree.

Esports initiatives in Williamson County have yet to be announced, but vice president of strategy at Belong Gaming Arena Mary Antieul says that developing a love of video games might motivate youngsters to seek jobs in technology. Mary Antieul:

Student participation in collegiate esports and gaming, according to Antieul, is on the rise and offers a variety of benefits for students’ personal and professional growth. “Belong Gaming Arenas offers a unique chance to serve schools and students as esports programs continue to grow throughout the nation.”

CoolSprings Galleria’s Belong Gaming esports arena, which has 48 gaming stations, opened its doors in December. On the mall’s first level, it’s next to the Belk men’s and kids’ stores.

A PlayStation 5, a gaming PC, and a headset for online communication are all included in each Belong Gaming station. Popular video games including “Fortnite,” “League of Legends,” “Minecraft,” “Valorant,” and “Dota 2” may be played on the stations.





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