By The End Of The Year, 600 Teachers Are Expected To Leave Omaha Public Schools, According To Projections

What Is Taking Place: According to the district’s figures, it was revealed that Omaha Public Schools will lose at least 65 teachers by the end of the academic year.

Looking Deeper: OPS revealed as of May 5, three educators will be leaving their positions and 62 others would be stepping down at the end of the academic year. At least 40 security staff and 80 substitute teachers are expected to retire or resign from the district. By the start of the next school year, that number might reach as many as 600 educators, according to estimates. The district, on the other hand, promises that every class will have a full-time teacher next year.

What They’re Doing: As a result of the impending departure of hundreds of teachers, Omaha Public Schools is attempting to recruit new and young teachers through college job fairs held across multiple states.




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