Middle Schooler Told To Change Outfit After Violating Dress Code

What happened: After being accused of violating the dress code at her Ohio middle school, a middle school girl was asked to change her outfit. A short-sleeved collared dress with white tights and brown leather boots was worn by Logan Gray, 12 years of age.

Francheska Gill, her mother, said it was something her daughter would wear to church.

What they’re saying: In the principal’s office, her clothing was measured and found to be half an inch short of the minimum length required by the school’s dress code. Dresses, skirts, and shorts in the Maumee City School District must be no longer than four inches above the knee. Dressing in a way that might detract from or disturb the learning process is likewise forbidden for students.

According to Gill, the school informed her at approximately 8:30 am that her daughter had broken dress code regulation and was not permitted back to class until she had changed into new attire.

Where the problem lies: Logan claims that she has been unjustly singled out because of her size and shape. “It kind of made me feel really bad because there was a lot of other people who were wearing stuff above the dress code,” she said. “She even made the comment that she was going to work really hard this summer to lose a bunch of weight just so next year when she goes to school, she won’t have these issues,” her mother added.

The Maumee City School District issued the following statement in reaction to the criticism: The Maumee City Schools board of education has approved a dress code policy that applies to students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Students are not sent home from school for dress code violations, rather they are provided with options: (1) change into something that is laundered and provided to them by the school and continue the school day or (2) the office contacts a parent or family member who brings something to school so the student can change and continue the school day.

The dress code policy is included in all student handbooks and discussed with students by staff members throughout the school year. In addition, the dress code policy is reviewed every few years by a group of students, parents, and staff members.





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