Massachusetts: Teacher Awarded Nearly $1 Million By A Federal Judge, School Violated The Americans With Disabilities Act

A former teacher in Springfield was awarded over $1 million by a federal jury after it was determined that the school district in that city did not provide appropriate facilities to meet the former teacher’s medical requirements. As a result, the former teacher was essentially forced out of a profession that she had held for more than three decades.

What had happened: According to the allegations made by Deryl Blanks, the Springfield Public Schools forced her to attend a hostile school, where she was subjected to bullying by other students, which ultimately resulted in her suffering from anxiety, stress, and even physical injuries. Even though her doctor had suggested that Blanks be moved to a less stressful situation, the school district was hesitant to do so, as mentioned by her.

What’s next: Blanks took her retirement at the close of the 2016-2017 school year after having spent more than 30 years as a teacher in Springfield. She testified before a jury in the United States District Court in Springfield, Massachusetts, that had the district reassigned her to a different school, she would not have retired.




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