Teacher In “Excruciating Pain” After Student Throws Boiling Ramen Water On Her

It was reported earlier this month that a student, 14 years old and from Boston, was accused of dumping boiling hot water on one of his teachers. The teacher drove herself to the hospital after the school’s administration failed to contact 911 for her, according to a Boston police statement.

What happened: Apparently, the teacher warned her student against using the textbook as a cheat sheet to know how to microwave the ramen noodles, according to authorities. After an argument, the student reportedly got out of his seat and threw his hot ramen noodle cup at the teacher, who was horrified.

According to the report, the teacher experienced swelling and mild burns on her left face and redness inside her left ear when she arrived at the hospital in “excruciating pain,” as she described it.

Student faces charges: An aggravated assault case has been filed against the student, who is being prosecuted as a juvenile.

What they’re saying: On Friday, Mayor Michelle Wu said that an investigation has been launched to determine what took place and whether or not all safety standards were followed. “It is unacceptable for any of our students or educators to feel like they are worried or stressed about anything but coming to school and taking care of our young people,” Wu said.

A spokesperson of the Boston Public Schools issued a statement in which they referred to the occurrence as “unfortunate.” The representative also said that “actions were taken to ensure the safety of the staff member involved, and appropriate interventions have occurred.”




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