Amidst Homeschooling Difficulties, Kelly Clarkson Explains How Teachers Are Heroes

When it comes to her children’s education, Kelly Clarkson recently spoke out about the challenges she has faced and the appreciation she has for both her nanny and teachers for navigating post-covid schooling.

In an interview with People magazine, the singer revealed these details.

It all began with a description of the difficulties she’s had since schools began to operate online. It was Clarkson’s own words: “I was like, ‘Dear God, I hope my nanny doesn’t quit’”. “I hope we never have to do it again, because my kids are very creative, outgoing and social, and did not want to be at home with an adult,” she said as she expressed her anxiety.

“It was very hard, like [them] learning how to read. I’ve always held teachers in the highest of regard, but people that didn’t really think about it before got a real eye-opening experience at how hard teachers work.”

“I’d hear people in the industry in interviews be like, ‘Oh my God, I’m trying to wrangle these two or three kids.’ But imagine having 26 to 30, because that’s what a teacher has. It’s a crazy hard job.”




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