Texas High School Prank Goes Out Of Control, Costing Thousands Of Dollars In Damages

School officials in Texas had to stop classes for the rest of the year after a senior prank went awry and caused thousands of dollars in damage.

At Frisco’s Memorial High School in Frisco, Texas, some students devised a prank that entailed pasting post-it notes all over the walls. School authorities said the act developed into a building-wide act of destruction.

In order to clean the campus, the high school had to postpone its last two days of courses on Thursday and Friday, which resulted in a shortened senior year, according to Fox 4.

School officials have stated that they intend to penalize the students who caused the mess.

A letter from school officials said that “paint on the walls, furniture destruction, fire extinguisher discharge, and more” had caused “thousands of dollars” of damage.

“Every surface on the 300,000 sq. ft. campus must be cleaned,” he said. Administrators at Frisco ISD said that pupils will be held liable for the cleanup charges.

Staff had been at the school to supervise the prank, but after the situation got out of hand, they summoned police and the fire department.

As other kids documented the mayhem in the cafeteria in a video posted on social media, smoke plumes from fire extinguishers filled the room. According to reports, no one was hurt.

The police and the school are working together to track out the individuals. They might be charged with a crime.

In an interview with Fox 4, student Katelynn Mabrey said, “It was another level of embarrassment for me because I was expecting just to go to school the next day and sticky notes be everywhere.”

She expressed her disappointment that she won’t be able to visit her favorite professors again as a student in the building. “They canceled school because of everything that happened. And now, I don’t get to see those teachers that were a big part of my life,” Katelynn said. “And it’s just it’s not funny. It’s not cool. It’s just sad.” It was said that the high school’s graduation ceremony is scheduled on Friday and will go forward, hopefully, without problems.





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