Teachers Could Make Up To $100,000, A New Initiative Done By Copperas Cove ISD

A new initiative run by the Texas Education Agency has the potential to encourage teachers to remain in their positions. Teacher pay is expected to rise to $100,000.

“School districts established a procedure for how teachers will receive those funds based on student growth and teacher evaluations,” said Amanda Crawley, Deputy Superintendent of Instructional Services.

Measures are being put in place in schools and teachers will be paid based on the progress and accomplishments of their students. ” If you are a teacher and your students are behind academically and you help them succeed academically forward, “I think that needs to be looked at separately than a teacher who has gifted and talented kids who are already ahead and making great advances,” said A&M Central Texas curriculum and instruction professor Elizabeth Casey.

Some educators feel it takes a lot to assess whether or not a teacher is high-performing; others say the opposite.

A year of data will be used by Copperas Cove ISD in order to decide which teachers would earn a raise.

“This particular incentive program allows teachers to stay in the classrooms and have the biggest impact on our students,” Crawley said. Before implementing any instructional program, school districts throughout the state must first submit their plans to the state for approval. If authorized in August, they will begin collecting data on student achievement to decide how to reward instructors most effectively.





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