George Floyd-Themed Prom Invite Sparks Outrage

There is a backlash to a “promposal” posted by an Orange County student on social media that was found to include racist language. “If you attended to prom with me, it would take my breath away,” a student at Aliso Niguel High School is said to have written in a message with a Black Lives Matter emblem and a picture of George Floyd.

Parents and students were outraged with what had happened according to statements and reports. It “doesn’t reflect the school’s attitude,” explains Aliso Niguel student Kody Soderberg.  ‘To be honest,’ junior Isabella Castrezana said. “Overall, I find it really disgusting.” 

An official statement from Capistrano Unified School District about the dance proposal controversy:  “The sign is disgusting, lacks cultural sensitivity, is deeply offensive, and does not reflect the values we strive for in our school district. We serve a diverse community and we value all of our students and families. Incidents such as this reaffirm our school district’s commitment to creating and nurturing an inclusive environment on every campus where students, staff, and families feel welcome, connected, supported, and valued. This is heartbreaking and in instances such as this, we work with school leadership to address the situation.”

It is not the first time that a message with a George Floyd-related topic has been sent over social media in Southern California. The Los Angeles Police Department has begun an internal inquiry after an inappropriate Valentine-themed picture was circulated among officers. Activists called for the removal of all LAPD employees who were involved in the prior mentioned offensive social media post.




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