Uvalde School Shooting: Two Teachers Were Killed Attempting To Protect Students

Family members said that two teachers at a Texas elementary school were shot and killed while attempting to protect their kids.

For 17 years, Eva Mireles has worked as a teacher at Robb Elementary, according to the school’s website.  According to a relative, Mireles was attempting to shield her pupils from the attacker, who opened fire on the school. Lydia Martinez Delgado, Mireles’ aunt, said her niece was an active hiker who took satisfaction in teaching kids of Latino background.

Irma Garcia, Mireles’ co-teacher, was also slain, according to her son, Christian Garcia. In her school biography, Irma Garcia says she has worked at the school for 23 years. She has four children and enjoyed grilling with her spouse and listening to music together. Her son states that a friend of Garcia’s who was at the scene witnessed her protecting her students from the gunfire.

At least 19 students were killed when an 18-year-old shooter opened fire at Robb Elementary School on Tuesday, authorities said. Law enforcement shot and killed the attacker. Delgado expressed her anger at the continuation of school shootings in a statement that she sent to KSAT, saying that she was “furious that these shootings continue, these children are innocent, that rifles should not be easily available to all.”




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