An Invention of a Life-Saving Device Gets A Dubai Student A Golden Visa

According to Khaleej Times, a high school student in Dubai came up with an idea for a device that might save lives on school buses in the city after witnessing the passing of a friend.

It is believed that Mohammed Farhan, a friend of Sabeel Basheer’s, passed away from asphyxiation after being abandoned on a bus while on the way to an Islamic studies center. It was widely publicized and sparked a discussion regarding the safety of children on school buses after the death of a student.

On 2020, Basheer designed his Smart Vigilant System, a system that can warn authorities within 30 seconds of a child being left alone in a school bus. After the bus driver shuts off the engine and closes the doors, the mechanism kicks in.

In the midst of this creation, Basheer acquired the Golden Visa, a form of permission that may give a route to attaining residency or eventually citizenship in a foreign nation. He went on to say that he and his family were humbled and grateful for the opportunity.

There are reports that the vigilance system is being mass-produced in China, India, and Taiwan. According to Basheer, the technology can now detect the pulse, movements, and breath of youngsters on board the bus. It also offers comprehensive safety solutions for students, including the health of the driver. According to reports, a smartphone app has been created that notifies parents when their children are expected home.

He and his family hope that the government will put this technology in all UAE school buses.




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