Some People Look To Boycott Pizza Hut Over Promoting Pride-Themed Kids’ Books

Pizza Hut’s reading program, BOOK IT!, offered three books celebrating the LGBTQ+ community throughout Pride month, but some people aren’t pleased about all this.

Pizza Hut launched a US-based campaign to encourage kids to read by awarding Reading Award Certificates that can be redeemed for a free, one-topping Personal Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut. This program caters to pupils between the ages of four and twelve.  Camp BOOK IT! provides reading resources for kids throughout the summer months of June through August.  The three books selected for this month’s Pride Month “explore the uniqueness of every person, celebrate our individuality, and encourage kids to see that what makes us different, makes us special,” as the program puts it.

There are three stories on the reading list: Perfectly Pegasus, Big Wig, and Be Amazing: A History of Pride. However, some parents are not happy with the choices and went on to share their comments on social media.  People seem to be drawn to one specific book, Big Wig, because it focuses on a “universal childhood experience of dressing up and the confidence that comes with,” says the program.

A few customers have decided to break up their “relationship” with the pizza company because of this.

Despite the fact that many individuals are angry with the prescribed reading, there are many more who have no problem with the books supplied and query those who are opposed to the reading.




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