LA Looks To Ban Homeless Camps Near Schools And Daycares

Homeless camps were recently proposed to be banned from existing within 500 feet of schools and daycares. A vote by LA’s city council is expected later this week, indicating their support for pushing forward with the plan. This is because, as reported by KTLA, kids must have a safe and clean way to school. The sight of individuals, many of whom are suffering from personal problems, approaching them while they are on their route to a facility intended to provide them with refuge may be frightening.

According to KTLA, Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho said, “I’ve seen elementary schools with conditions that none of us as parents would find acceptable for our children.“Individuals with mental illness, some of them absolutely unclothed, shouting profanities to the listening ear of children. The trauma, the long term, short term repercussions impact on the psychological cognitive development of children that those conditions present, should be unacceptable to any one of us.”




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