Japan: Staffer Arrested for Adding Human Excrement to School Lunches

On June 13, a 20-year-old staffer at a public school was accused of adding human excrement to the school meals. Lunch’s okazu, which means “side dish” in Japanese and refers to the non-rice component of a meal, includes the fungus. Fried chicken, tofu, and even sushi are all examples of what this word is used for.

A strange smell and discoloration were discovered in the school’s okazu on Oct. 8, 2021, when the principal tasted it in the staff room ahead of time for the day’s breakfast. He promptly cancelled the lunch for everyone and took the food to the local health department for testing. The tests showed that it did, in fact, contain E. coli bacteria, and despite the fact that the okazu had been manufactured at a different central facility, none of the other schools’ meals exhibited any sign of fecal matter whatsoever.

All pupils and staff were protected from the tainted food thanks to the fast thinking and prompt action of their school administrator. In the end, the inquiry went back to a staff member, although it’s not apparent what her objective was or how she managed to get feces into the meal. She’s charged with fraudulent obstruction of commerce. She is now disputing the charges against her.





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